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Solutions - What I can help you achieve:

These are just examples of the services I offer – please get in touch to discuss how I can help you achieve your objectives:

Extraordinary Results through Coaching – 1:1 and Team

Coaching can produce outstanding results.  It increases success and accelerates the speed of adaptation to changes, whether imposed from outside or instigated by you, such as:   

  • leading and managing business change

  • career transitions (for promotion, new job role, redeployment or redundancy)

  • dealing with business challenges

  • performance enhancement

  • 360 feedback

  • life changes of all kinds. 
My coaching can be delivered in several ways, and is always fully tailored to your requirements:
  • as part of a broader leadership or management development programme

  • as a predetermined number of programmed sessions over a set period such as three or six months

  • as a ‘call off’ arrangement that deals with leadership and management challenges as they arise.

Complete this brief questionnaire to be considered for one of my 40 minute complimentary 'Leadership Breakthrough' sessions.


“How useful was that session? 9 out of 10. I never give 10.  
Director, Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to work For

“I would strongly recommend Caroline as a Coach to those that want to challenge themselves to make changes because it will be managed in such a supportive way.”
Talent Manager, Global Business

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Leadership of Business Improvements and Restructuring

70% of change initiatives fail to meet their objectives

82% of companies say top level sponsorship is a critical success factor in change - PwC survey focusing on large change programmes in 500 multinationals and public sector companies covering all industry sectors in North America Europe, Far East. - Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers/MORI

100% of change initiatives which deploy effective change management meet or exceed their objectives - Source: Prosci 2004

I provide consultancy and tailored workshops, based on proven techniques, which equip leaders and managers to anticipate, plan and manage the human side of business improvement and restructuring initiatives.  These can take many forms:

  •  a one-off event

  •  a series of workshops over a period of months, supporting specific business changes

  •  supplementary workplace project and learning activities. 

Alternatively, I can help you develop and implement your change plan, including setting up and running a network of Change Agents.

“I was in charge of the Human Resources function for an organisation that had circa 15,000 people and it was important that I obtained the ‘buy in’ from the senior management team. Convincing the senior management team in how human change had a significant impact on the financial credibility of the function was critical. I consider myself to have been very successful in that arena and I would not have been able to accomplish so much without the coaching provided by Caroline”
Vice President, HR, Global Business

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Values Based Culture Change

Behaviour and habits are notoriously difficult to change – putting up posters and giving out mouse mats won’t change your culture.  Motivating a team to change requires the use of a comprehensive range of levers.

I can help you put in place and apply what is required by:

  • identifying necessary changes in behaviour

  • designing a structured programme to align behaviours with your values and brand

  • supporting you in implementation 

See a summary of the case study of my work at BT Global Services ‘Using your values to create a global brand’,

“The programs have been a resounding success, both for the leaders and participants.” Change Agent, Global Business

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Leadership and Management Skills

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” - Source: Lao Tzu

I can help leaders and managers develop their vital skills in many ways, including:

  • as a comprehensive programme

  • as individual workshops

all supported by other learning activities.

All solutions are based on your own business challenges to ensure learning is relevant and practical.

“It was an excellent course. The facilitator's knowledge and course materials were exceptional.” Change Agent, Global Business

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Enhanced Performance Management

Highly engaged employees try 50% harder, perform 20% better

Disengaged employees cost UK business 40 billion pa - Source: Macleod report Engaging for Success (2009)

Only 37% of people satisfied with their jobs - Source: CIPD (2009)

I can provide a range of disciplines designed to help engage your people, including:

  • the design of a comprehensive performance management system

  • coaching and training for the leadership and management team to enable successful implementation.

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High Performing Teams

Teams who have been trained to work effectively together are 50% more productive - Source: Use Downtime to Enhance Skills: BV Krishnamurthy, director and executive vice president of Alliance Business Academy, Bangalore.  Published in Harvard Business Review Dec 2008

Designed to ensure that your team is aligned, motivated and working together as effectively as possible towards your goals, my programmes use feedback and questionnaires to:

  • identify the working preferences of all team members and the team as a whole

  • highlight and address tension points, strengths and weaknesses in serving your customers.

The programmes are equally applicable to those working on site together or in remote, even global, teams.

“You have exceeded our expectations of what we could achieve today”
Chairman, Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to Work For

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More Effective Meetings and Workshops

I can facilitate meetings or workshops for example:

  • when you need to participate fully in a meeting or workshop without the distraction of chairing or managing it

  • when you need clarity on how to progress a project which is stuck.

“I found it particularly refreshing and really could have done with more time with you.  I felt that you understood where we were immediately and tuned into our requirements, so that I was able to make some conceptual steps forward in the time we had.”  Diversity Manager, Global Business

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Solutions - What I can help you achieve:

Happy Employees = Happy Shareholders

Fortune's "best 100 companies to work for" have performed better on the stock market than the composite of all shares traded on Nasdaq, the New York Stock Exchange and American Stock Exchange. From 1999 to 2008, a portfolio that included only those companies would have outperformed the index by 4.1%.

The outperformance extends through market upswings and downturns back to 1984, when Fortune first published the list. - Source: "Does the Stock Market Fully Value Intangibles?" The Economist

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