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Caroline Talbott Ltd – Catalyst for Change

Helping business leaders thrive working with exceptional people in positions of leadership

I work with business leaders worldwide, enabling them to achieve exceptional business and personal results. In particular I work with people who are leading business transformations or experiencing significant career change themselves. 
  • “I realise that my business needs something different from my leadership, but I’m not sure what to do about it”
  • “The way I’ve been doing things up to now doesn’t seem to be getting the results I want any more”
  • “The changes this business needs are incredibly challenging.  How do I lead that change?”

These are just some of the challenges I can help you address, whether you envisage opportunities or problems ahead. Working with me you can be confident that you and your team will be both supported and challenged and be better equipped to deal with whatever situations you face in the future, collectively and individually. 

Follow the links on the right for more information about how I have assisted other businesses, which may spark ideas about what I can do for you too. On the left you will find my blog ‘professionals in leadership’ and a link to my book ‘Essential Career Transition Coaching skills’.

Complete this brief questionnaire to be considered for one of my 40 minute complimentary 'Leadership Breakthrough' sessions.

Alternatively, please call or email me, with no obligation, to discuss how I can help you. I’m very happy to discuss anything from your most tentative of ideas about a problem to a well-formed view of the solution you think you need.

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“Caroline’s strengths are her ability to work with others and to inject the enthusiasm that she invariably feels for a subject into the team/group. Caroline is also a strong coach – I have seen her turn behaviour and performance around in individuals.” Senior manager, BT


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